Working For Home Buyers In Salt Lake City Now that Salt Lake City home buyers are feeling brave enough to start looking into the housing market again, many assume they can handle buying a home on their own. It may be easy to peruse online Salt Lake City property listings, but Utah real estate experts say that going at it alone can be a bad idea.

A Utah buyer’s agent does a lot more than provide access to the MLS. A buyer’s agent has information such as price data and comps of Provo home sales. In addition, the agent can interpret the data and devise a bidding strategy when it comes to making an offer. In most cases, Anytown real estate buyers don’t pay their agent. Therefore, my services as a buyer’s agent are essentially free to you.

When Anytown house hunters become interested in a particular property, they often contact the listing agent, wrongfully assuming that the agent will adequately represent their interests. Don’t assume that a listing agent will represent your interests as a buyer, regardless of what he or she might say.

Some listing agents discourage prospective buyers from hiring their own agent, preferring not to split a commission.

The Salt Lake City listing agent puts the seller’s interests first, and rightfully so, because he or she is contractually obligated to work the transaction in the seller’s favor.

A Utah real estate transaction is a complicated process with many potential pitfalls. Appraisals, home inspections, purchase contracts, and earnest money agreements are some of the aspects to consider. I can save you time and money by recommending Anytown professionals that I have previously worked with.

My name is Chris Johnson, I have worked in the Salt Lake City area for years and am familiar with the surrounding neighborhoods. I do a lot more than just print listings. I locate and investigate ‘For Sale By Owner’ properties and do the leg work necessary to find my clients their dream property.

If you are looking to buy commercial or land in Anytown, Provo, St. George, or Ogden, contact me today!

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