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1. You probably won’t save any money.
If you tally Anytown home sales figures for the last few years, you will see that, on average, Anytown FSBOs sold for less.

2. An agent knows how to price your Anytown or home accurately.
A real estate agent is well-versed in local market trends and can objectively price your home.

3. You will have to pay to market your Anytown home.
Hi, I am Chris Johnson. Call me at 801.938.3466 and I will tell you in detail what it costs to market a home in the Salt Lake City area.

4. You will have to miss work to show your home.
I am available when potential Anytown buyers want to see your property. Another vital thing to consider is that buyers prefer viewing homes without the owner present. The longer a potential buyer spends in your home, the more likely he/she will notice all the great features and be able to imagine themselves living there.

5. It will probably take longer to sell.
You can verify this by analyzing Salt Lake City real estate statistics. Compare the weeks listed prior to purchase for both FSBOs and agent-listed properties.

6. You don’t have a relationship with potential buyers.
Real estate agents have a pool of buyers who are looking for properties. They know buyers who are looking for a home like yours.

7. You don’t have a relationship with buyer’s agents.
Realtors in the area network with each other to match buyers and sellers. When you hire Chris Johnson, you suddenly have many agents working to sell your home.

8. You will be buried in paperwork.
Real estate transactions have become more complicated with new regulations. Completing all the paperwork is a near full-time job for several weeks.

9. Anytown real estate agents have experience negotiating on your behalf.
Without an agent representing your interests, you will probably miss some vital details in the transaction which may result in a less-than-favorable outcome.

Still not convinced? I certainly understand the reasons for wanting to sell your home on your own – but you owe it to yourself to get the facts. Give me a call at 801.938.3466 for a free, no-pressure consultation. I look forward to meeting you.

Chris Johnson
Real Estate Marketing Agency

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