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When you sell commercial or land in Anytown, Utah you’ll want the perfect angle.

Property with a prestigious location
Property with acreage
Property with a sound, well-maintained structure
Property with lots of square footage
Property with upgraded appliances
Property with new paint
Property with a new roof
Property with professional landscaping
Property with energy efficiency

Knowing what the Utah housing market is jockeying for really requires someone with their finger on the pulse of the neighborhood. Who better to call than a solid, committed, local citizen of this amazing community? Chris Johnson knows the people. Chris Johnson is up on who’s looking for what types of property. Chris Johnson is on the web at http://myrealestateagentblog.com/about/. Chris Johnson has seen where people really lavish their attentions when perusing the current listings.

Here are Chris Johnson’s top picks for ways to unlock the potential of your listing.

Curb appeal is not overrated – fresh outside paint, clean, manicured or orderly landscaping goes a long way for luring potential buyers to proceed on to the interior.

High quality photo presentation – taken with natural lighting, showing clean, uncluttered rooms. Browsing listings online is the reality for today’s Anytown buyers. Embrace it and give them something with the “Wow Factor.”

Superb, accurate descriptions – describe with strong, precise, unique adjectives the greatness of your humble abode including location, schools and other pertinent plusses about this treasure you are offering to the prized people of Salt Lake City, Provo, St. George, and possibly even Ogden.

Expanding on space
– include in the description anything that opens a house up, brightens it, encapsulates value in space such as extra storage, garage rafters, sheds, extra kitchen cabinets etc.

Efficiency adds value – whether it is windows, appliances, or alternative power sources, today’s home buyers understand the value of saving on energy. If the heating/cooling system is upgraded let it tempt them all the more.

Call or visit Chris Johnson, real estate agent at Real Estate Marketing Agency, 801.938.3466, located at 123 North Main Street Anytown, Utah 84123 for knowledgeable service that delivers success to home sellers throughout Utah. Unlock your home’s potential today.