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Hello and welcome to my Salt Lake City real estate blog, my name is Chris Johnson of Real Estate Marketing Agency. I specialize in residential, commercial, and land. In today’s post I would like to advise you on how to make your Salt Lake City open house successful.

1. Leave. You should not be at your house during a showing. Salt Lake City home buyers feel less inclined to ask the agent questions and look around when you are in their presence. They may miss some key features if they are in a hurry to go. If it is impossible for you to leave, be as unobtrusive as possible. Try your best not to be in the same room as the buyer.

2. Store personal photos and belongings. Every step should be taken to make a buyer feel like they live there already, or at least to help them envision themselves living there.

3. Let your agent do the talking. If you are asked a question by the buyer or their agent tell them to direct their questions your agent’s way. It is critical that you do not let any specifics slip that could affect the selling process, such as any financial reasons for selling the house or the value of any possessions. Instruct your children not to answer questions, also. Seemingly innocent comments can sink a sale or lower the amount of an offer – and anything and everything could be used against you in a negotiation.

4. Clean up! Make sure everything is tidy before the open house. Eliminate clutter, spruce up the lawn, dust everything in reach, and make your home smell good. Use just enough subtle air freshener spray so that you don’t end up with an overpowering scent of synthetic flower. The scent of fresh baked bread or cookies can also create a favorable impression.

5. Make Rover disappear. Board your pets or ask a friend to take them during the showing. There are several reasons for this. The prospective buyer may not be a pet-lover and may associate animals with uncleanliness. If the buyer brings his/her children, there is always the risk of a dog bite. If you are not there, the agent will have to deal with your pet if there is a problem. You don’t want your agent chasing a dog who escaped the yard or restraining a dog that is too friendly with the buyer.

If you are planning on selling your Salt Lake City home, call me, your local specialist, at 801.938.3466. I have considerable experience helping clients sell in the Salt Lake City, Provo, and St. George areas. I would love to meet you and tell you about my expertise and services. Call today!