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Some people in Provo are of the opinion that older homes are inferior to new ones. I would have to disagree with this blanket statement. My name is Chris Johnson, real estate agent with Real Estate Marketing Agency. Thanks for visiting my Provo real estate blog.

There are often many advantages to buying and owning an older home in the Provo area. Many extraordinary Provo homes have unique charm that can’t be found in tract homes and would cost much more to replicate in a new custom built home. I have served many satisfied clients who purchased and are currently enjoying their classic Provo home.

You won’t need to sacrifice solid construction if you are careful about the older home you choose. The Provo home building industry has taken pride in quality craftsmanship for several generations. I have helped many clients purchase older Provo homes with first rate workmanship and high grade construction materials.

Keep in mind, however, that some older homes do not meet  current Utah building code standards. Get a thorough home inspection before making an offer on any older home. If upgrades are needed, get some bids. If the older home is economical, you may still come out ahead after paying to upgrade to code.

What about location? Do you want to live in downtown Provo? There are many beautiful older homes near the center of Provo which means that they are closer to shops, restaurants, movie theaters, and many other amenities.

Let’s talk about the lot the home sits on. Some mid-20th century era Provo homes have a larger lot size. If you love an expansive lawn with shade trees and mature foliage then this is a big bonus. You could even choose to expand on the home without fear of crossing the property line.

If character is critical, it may be hard to find it in a new Provo housing development. Many older Provo houses have their own flair that is totally lacking in some of the new cookie cutter style homes built today. Living in an older Provo neighborhood you will be unlikely to find another house that is exactly the same as yours.

Don’t wait to find your fantastic Provo home, call me today at 801.938.3466. I am devoted to surpassing expectations.

Chris Johnson
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