Showing your Anytown property can sometimes require a ‘second eye’ to help ensure that you are emphasizing the right features, in the right way.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about ‘staging’ in Anytown. Staging your Anytown property means to ‘dress it up’ for show, much like you would get yourself ready for a special event. Staging your Anytown property includes everything from simply cleaning up a bit, to decorating with the right colors, fixtures, and accessories, and even home improvement additions.

But how much is too much?

Staging in Anytown can be a bit tricky; you don’t want to spend money on staging, additions, or repair work because often times these efforts do not add value to your Anytown property. The money you spend on some efforts to ‘fix up’ may not be recoverable. Expensive additions can also be a matter of personal taste, and may not have wide appeal to other Anytown property buyers who may be planning their own additions, fixes, and changes.

Likewise, staging can sometimes be seen as overwhelming or even deceiving. Current research indicates that too much staging can turn potential Anytown property buyers away because the personality of the Anytown property is too strong and becomes the most significant deciding factor. Can you imagine missing a opportunity to sell your Anytown property because the style of the decor was too strong?

Anytown property buyers will be wary if staging appears to be implemented to hide defects or draw attention away from otherwise negative features.

Done correctly, staging can be an effective tool in selling your Anytown property.

As a real estate agent, my experience in selling Anytown residential properties allows me to be a good judge in what features to emphasize, and what degree of staging may be appropriate, or financially justifiable for the Anytown real estate market.

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