Salt Lake City Vacation Homes So Much For So Little

Are you considering the purchase of a second Salt Lake City home? Though a vacation home sounds like a great idea, many Anytown real estate buyers hesitate on purchasing a so-called ‘luxury’ in the current economic climate.

Let me tell you why now is a smart time to buy the vacation condo or second home you’ve been dreaming of.

The best time to buy is when everyone else needs to sell, and thousands of second home owners in the Provo area are trying to sell homes in popular vacation spots. The listing prices are around 23-50 percent less than in recent years and the selling prices are even lower. Salt Lake City vacation home foreclosures have driven the market further down. Right now, you can get so much for so little.

Many Provo people in the market for a vacation home might also consider a nice resort condo. Many condos used solely as vacation rentals are sitting empty or are in foreclosure. Most offer amenities like golf courses, pools, and exercise facilities at minimal expense.

As a seasoned Anytown real estate agent specializing in commercial and land, I can help you negotiate the process of finding the perfect second home for your family. Whether the Provo vacation property is an investment or family play spot, if you plan on keeping it long term, right now is a great time to buy. Call 801.938.3466 today!

Chris Johnson
Real Estate Marketing Agency

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