Salt Lake City Home Owners Empty Nest Filling Back Up? I have noticed a trend among many Salt Lake City home owners who thought they had become permanent empty nesters. Their nest has now filled back up! Adult children, their spouses, and grandkids have moved in.

There are many reasons Salt Lake City adults are back with their parents. Job loss, going back to school, and difficulty in obtaining mortgage financing are big factors. Some Salt Lake City sons and daughters have moved back home to care for an ailing parent.

If you downsized when your youngest went off to college, but are now sharing one bathroom with five or six people, you may want to look at the larger Salt Lake City homes for sale.

The prices for mid and large Salt Lake City homes for sale are fantastic. You may be able to buy a Salt Lake City property twice the size of your current home or condo for the same price you would have paid 15 years ago.

For previous generations, multi-generational households were the norm. Current economic factors are moving our society back in that direction, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. There are many advantages for members of multi-generational Salt Lake City households. The mortgage and utility costs can be shared, there are more able-bodied adults to do the yard work and maintenance, and retired grandparents can help with babysitting.

If your current living situation is not going to change any time soon, give me a call so I can show you the best Salt Lake City home deals. I specialize in commercial land in the communities of Provo, St. George, Ogden, and Anytown.

Even if you are healthy now, you might need some help in the future. If you upgrade your Salt Lake City home while prices are low, you will have room for a caretaker when the time comes.

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