Salt Lake City Buyers Don't Pay Real Estate Agents

Hello, thanks for visiting my Anytown commercial blog. I am Chris Johnson of Real Estate Marketing Agency in Anytown, Utah. I help Salt Lake City folks buy and sell commercial and land in the Salt Lake City area communities of Anytown, Provo, St. George, and Ogden.

Did you know that most Salt Lake City real estate agents provide their services at no cost to Utah buyers?

Usually, the Anytown condo seller or Anytown rental property seller pays the commission to the agency that listed their Anytown home or investment unit. The Utah listing agency then pays a part of that to the buyer’s Utah brokerage. Finally, the agent receives his or her commission from both brokerages.

Why am I telling you this? If you are planning to buy a piece of real estate in Salt Lake City, the seller will pay me for my expert services. Smart buyer’s make sure they have a savvy Anytown real estate agent like myself working for them.

There are many factors to consider when buying Anytown real estate. Let’s discuss your situation. Call me today at 801.938.3466.

Chris Johnson
Anytown, Utah, 84123