Rethink FSBO In Anytown Sure, you can put a sign in the front yard of your Anytown home for sale. You can also list it online with other Anytown real estate. But have you thought beyond that? How is it going to work out when potential buyers want to look at your home?

Are you ready to show your Anytown property when a qualified buyer wants to see it? What if you can’t leave work?

How do you feel when you are out shopping in Anytown and the store owner hovers nearby? Does it make you uncomfortable? People in the market for Salt Lake City homes are less likely to spend adequate time looking at a property when the owner is there. In fact, some Anytown home and condo buyers refuse to tour a home when the owner is present.

Potential buyers who tour your Anytown home will probably not see all the desirable features if they are in a hurry to leave. They will never get to the point of visualizing their own table and chairs in the dining room and their own car in the garage.

The process of showing a property is a lot easier for home owners when they leave the showing to an experienced Anytown real estate agent like myself.

My name is Chris Johnson and I am ready to serve your real estate needs. If you are interested in learning more reasons why fewer FSBOs sell in Anytown than agent-listed properties, call me today.

Chris Johnson
Anytown, Utah, 84123