Lower Home Prices for Anytown

With record foreclosures reported across the nation, real estate investors in Anytown are wondering what effect the latest market trend will have on our local Anytown real estate market.

A report issued this week revealed by the Associated Press announces that homeowners generated the most foreclosures ever on record during the first quarter of this year. Everything from gasoline prices, to food prices, to loss of equity and a weakening dollar are cited as contributing factors. For people locked into tricky adjustable rate mortgages, the times are hitting hard.

Our local Anytown real estate market is seeing the effects of the national real estate market trend; local homeowners are taking a hard look at selling their homes for discounted prices rather than loose them in a foreclosure. Others are choosing to ride out the storm. For the market in general, this means that there are too many houses on the market, and not enough of them selling. Real estate investors, and those looking to capitalize on a real estate market downturn have an interesting opportunity to get a good deal, and contribute to the solution.

With more foreclosures predicted, houses are selling for record low prices, and sellers are generally willing to go the extra mile to close a deal. Real estate investors who are financially secure and ready to buy are able to get great deals in and around the Anytown real estate area.

If you are facing a foreclosure, and are interested in selling your home as quickly as possible, please give me a call. I can help you find a real estate investor who may be able to save the day.

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