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This post is for Anytown residents who have never owned a home but have reached a point where they are seriously considering purchasing one. Is it a good idea to invest in homeownership in Anytown?

My name is Chris Johnson of Real Estate Marketing Agency. I am an experienced and proactive agent based in Anytown. Today’s post focuses on the advantages of owning a home in Anytown.

One of the biggest advantages of owning a home in Anytown is the freedom to fashion your home to your liking. You are free to paint, knock down walls, make additions, and do almost any wild and wacky thing you could imagine, because it is your property.

A rental limits any creative aspirations you may have for the property because it belongs to someone else. You have the freedom to decorate how you want but anything beyond that is probably not allowed or will cost you. Some landlords even charge for each nail hole put in a wall.

How does a mortgage payment compare to the amount of monthly rent on a similar sized Anytown home? For many years, the mortgage payment would have have usually been higher. With lower interest rates, however, this is not necessarily the case today. Call me at 801.938.3466 and I can let you know what the current interest rates are.

Even if a mortgage payment is higher than rent in your case, buying a home or condo is usually a wise financial decision. And you’ve got to live somewhere – your primary residence might as well be a conscious investment. When you buy a home it increases in value over the years so that if you do want to sell in the future, you can typically  make a good profit.

Owning a home does have a caveat, however. If you have no time or interest in maintaining a home, you will have to hire someone every time you have a plumbing or electrical issue. This can be expensive for an older home that has had a lot of wear and tear. Renters can call the landlord or property manager to have things fixed, and it usually doesn’t cost the renter anything.

Owning a home in Anytown is something to be proud of, something that you can call yours, something that you can pour your love into and enjoy for as long as you like. A home connects you with your Anytown neighborhood and community, giving you a sense of permanence.

There are many circumstances and stages in life where renting makes sense. During college, a temporary job relocation, or to “try out” a new city or neighborhood. But there comes a time in most everyone’s life when they are ready to buy a home.

If you are thinking about buying a home in the Anytown area, give me a call today at 801.938.3466. I have beneficial specifics for you to examine regarding this vital decision. I am committed to helping each client find their dream home and work  to make the purchase as smooth as possible.