Salt Lake City Home Bargains Are you trying to pull together a down payment before you start looking for a Anytown home or Ogden condo?

You may want to look into 100 percent financing so you can take advantage of the Provo home bargains and low interest rates available right now. Interest rates for Salt Lake City mortgages have been creeping upward.

Buyers who lock in a low rate now, even without a down payment, will probably be better off than those who wait and end up paying a higher interest rate on their Anytown mortgage. Even a slightly higher rate adds thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

Many Utah mortgage lenders offer 100 percent financing. Government agencies such a FHA and VA also offer 100 percent loans. If you secure a Provo No Down Payment loan, and later receive a tax refund or year-end bonus, you can still leverage that cash by applying it to the principal of the loan. If you are not expecting a lump sum coming any time soon, you can build your equity faster by paying a little extra each month.

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Give me a call and we can discuss your Anytown real estate goals.

Remember, don’t give up on St. George home ownership because you don’t yet have a down payment.

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