Salt Lake City Top Sellers Spring is a busy time for Anytown real estate agents. The weather is better and many Salt Lake City home seekers get serious about finding a home to move into as soon as school is out. This suggests the question,”What is the best time of year to buy or sell Anytown real estate?”

Considering my experience representing Salt Lake City home buyers and sellers, I would have to say that May is a great time to sell a home, but may a bad time to buy a home.

Home buyers have more competition in spring. As mentioned previously, Provo buyers with school-age children want to relocate when school ends so they can be settled by the time it starts in the fall. The increased competition usually drives prices up on desirable St. George single-family homes.

Because April is a busy Provo real estate month, there is a higher-than-average number of closings in May. If your closing is delayed past your interest rate lock-in period, you may end up paying a higher rate for your Anytown mortgage.

Of course, there may be personal factors that override this advice. If you close the sale of your previous Provo real estate in April or May, you must coordinate the purchase of your new home with your closing date. Anytown renters want to time their purchase with the end of their lease. If you are buying a Ogden fixer-upper and plan to do work before moving in, this will influence your desired schedule.

I am Chris Johnson. I work hard for my clients year-round. Whether you are buying or selling Anytown property at any time of the year, I can help you time it perfectly. If you would like more information about the Salt Lake City housing market and my real estate credentials, give me a call at 801.938.3466.

I look forward to meeting you.