You have probably heard that there are only three rules to be concerned with when dealing with real estate in the Salt Lake City area. And that each of them are ‘location’.

Finding a good location around Salt Lake City is certainly important, and is always ‘top-of-mind’ for my customers. But don’t forget to read between the lines when searching for your optimal real estate property location.

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Location can mean a different thing for homes and businesses. I specialize in residential real estate, and monitor the local Anytown community for residential properties. I know what ‘location’ means for residential real estate in the greater Salt Lake City area, and I keep an eye out for trends that effect the value of ‘location’.

My Real Estate Marketing Agency office is located in the city of Anytown, and we are located on the street called ‘123 North Main Street’, these attributes of our ‘location’ were chosen for many reasons, including proximity to other services, price, convenience, and accommodation.

I know there can be a lot of factors that form your unique idea of the perfect location in the Salt Lake City area. For this reason it is important that you meet with your real estate agent and discuss what ‘location’ means for you.

As a real estate agent, I like to understand what ‘location’ means for you before we begin reviewing available properties so that I can do the work for you, and present the real estate that you will be most interested in. That’s what a real estate agent does.

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-Chris Johnson, real estate content marketing

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