If you have decided to sell your St. George home, let me help you through the selling process. Hi, I’m Chris Johnson. I represent Salt Lake City sellers and specialize in commercial and land.

I follow a systematic approach to selling St. George real estate:

1) Determine the right asking price. In our first meeting I will come prepared with Provo comparables of recently sold St. George properties similar to yours and a competitive market analysis to help you decide on the right asking price for your home.

2) Advertising in multiple channels gets your home noticed. I advertise my clients’ properties online, in Utah real estate magazines, flyers, newspapers, and through my extensive network of buyer’s agents to generate a pool of buyers. Though internet listings get a lot of attention, there are still St. George buyers who consult printed real estate ads.

By exposing your St. George home to the largest number of potential buyers, I increase the odds of matching your home up with the perfect buyer and closing the deal as soon as possible.

3) Staying on top of a changing market is important. I come prepared with a track record of my recent sales and past sales list price numbers to show potential clients that I am a knowledgeable, experienced, and aggressive St. George real estate agent. You will quickly see that I am a good negotiator and communicator.

Because I have lived and worked in the St. George area for several years, I have a vested interest in the community. In addition, I have established relationships with a large network of professionals who help me serve my clients. These include real estate agents, mortgage brokers, appraisers, and home inspectors.

You can leverage my skills and experience to sell your St. George home. To set up a meeting to discuss your real estate needs, call my Anytown office today!

Chris Johnson
Real Estate Marketing Agency
Anytown, Utah, 84123

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