how to sell older home in Salt Lake City

My name is Chris Johnson of Real Estate Marketing Agency in Anytown. I hope you will consider me for your realtor with your upcoming real estate transaction. I am very aware of the real estate trends and what buyers are looking for in the Salt Lake City area.

One common request from those relocating to Anytown is to find a home with character – with unique features – rather than a home in a “cookie cutter” neighborhood. I understand the desire to make your home special with your specific needs and desires for your daily living. For my residents living with older homes, this is a great opportunity to consider selling them, as homes with character and even “potential” are very much in demand.

How do you go about selling an older home
, while there are brand new turnkey homes? Here are some ideas. You may not have the finances to do all of them, but consider your home’s current condition and use this list as a starting point.

  1. Your first goal is to get your home turnkey ready. Take care of things that need fixed. Give each room a new coat of paint. Paint the doors, too. Put in new carpeting and repair any troubles with your hardwood floors. Everything should work and be clean like new. If not, then make it so.
  2. Look at the curb appeal of your older home. Does it look old and dated? Replace windows and doors, especially the front door. Remove or cut back any unattractive overgrown plants or trees. Add some fresh mulch and blooming flowers. Replace the old worn fence with a new one. Add landscaping lights to feature your favorite pleasing landscaped areas. Resurface your driveway, or better yet replace the cement by updating with brick or pavers.
  3. Consider having a wall or the upper half of a wall removed to make your kitchen part of an open concept plan. Your house will then have the advantage of good visual lines and fresh natural light.
  4. Consider having a skylight professionally installed to add natural light to a dark room or corner if needed.
  5. Replace all light fixtures, especially unsightly fluorescent ones in the kitchen or work area. Choose sleek fixtures in the proper scale that will put off enough light for the area.
  6. Take down the curtains and put in window shades. The variety of pleasing shades is endless and can really update a living area.
  7. If you can afford it, replace the insulation and windows to provide energy saving features similar to the new Salt Lake City area homes. Top of the line windows are not needed here, just go for energy efficient ones.
  8. Put the clutter in a storage unit, along with dated furniture. Aunt Marilyn’s dining table from the seventies may be in great shape and have sentimental value, but if it’s dated it needs to go out until your home sells. Replace dated items by renting furniture until your home sells. Rent just the bare minimum – it’s okay if some rooms are completely empty.
  9. Change the hardware of your kitchen cupboards if they are original. Also, consider replacing the kitchen and bath faucets, as required.

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