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I am real estate agent Chris Johnson working in the Anytown area at Real Estate Marketing Agency. Today’s post is for people looking for commercial or land in the Anytown area. Let’s talk about the advantage in hiring a buyer’s agent.

It surprises me when Anytown commercial buyers discount the need for an agent. Buying a home is usually the most expensive purchase a person ever makes. Think about it: we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a commitment that will require a large chunk of your income every single month. For 15 to 30 years! Some Anytown folks seek more guidance when buying a new car or a cell phone.

Why the disconnect? Perhaps Anytown people believe that they have all the specifics they need to make a wise choice. What some fail to realize is that a buyer’s agent can analyze the same information but use it more effectively. Comparing Anytown properties is not like comparing apples to apples. Square footage and location are not the only critical factors.

I have been analyzing Anytown commercial and land, handling clients’ purchases, and monitoring the Salt Lake City, Utah real estate market for years. Day in and day out. Salt Lake City real estate is my profession and passion.

I can’t advise you on a new car or cell phone, but I am uniquely qualified to help you find the perfect property in Anytown, Provo, St. George, or Ogden. I would love to meet with you and give you more details about my scope of services. Give me a call at 801.938.3466 when you are ready to review real estate listings in the Salt Lake City area.

Chris Johnson
Real Estate Marketing Agency