For Sale By Owner in Anytown

In my research of the local Anytown real estate market, I have noticed quite a few Anytown FSBO houses. I always make a note of them and contact the owner when possible. The reason I do this is because Anytown FSBO owners in Anytown are often willing to work with a ‘buying agent’ who can bring them qualified candidates.

With winter here in full swing, the opportunity for Anytown FSBO houses to sell is diminished because of several things. Let’s go over a few for the record:

The holiday season takes its toll on consumers, and in the months immediately after the holidays (January and February) it is especially difficult to muster the time and energy it takes to negotiate financing.

The winter months create a lull in foot traffic to homes because of the cold. Fewer people are willing to leave the warmth of their current home in search of a new one when the weather is bad.

Appeal is also diminished. A home will always be more appealing when the landscaping is alive and colorful. The stark cold of the winter months is often beautiful, but rarely does it lend a hand to the real estate market.

Selling ‘For Sale By Owner’ is a difficult task, and even more so in the winter months when the weather and social barriers are against you.

Having a real estate agent on your side can help you buy or sell an Anytown FSBO home. A real estate agent like myself has a wider range of sales tools to attract customers and communicate the features and benefits of your Anytown FSBO, and I can help you find great Anytown FSBO opportunities, too.

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