Find Your New Anytown Home I enjoy being a Anytown real estate agent. In my work I interact with people from all over the country. In addition to Ogden home buyers and sellers, I work with other agents, St. George home mortgage brokers, insurance company personnel, lending officers, attorneys, title company employees, and county land use officials. Each day brings a new challenge.

Real estate is not a nine to five job for me. I am basically ‘on call’ around the clock. If a client wants to look at a Salt Lake City property, I do my best to accommodate their schedule, regardless of the hour.

Some people mistakenly think that being a Provo real estate agent is easy work. Nothing could be further from the truth. In order to be successful, Salt Lake City real estate agents need to know a lot more than what was required to become licensed.

Agents need to know how to price properties such as Provo single family homes and St. George commercial properties. They must be familiar with the neighborhoods in the Salt Lake City area and surrounding towns. They need to know the applicable laws that affect the buying and selling of Anytown properties. It is also very important that agents have strong negotiating skills.

My job can be upsetting when a deal falls through after months of dedicated work. That happens to everyone from time to time. However, the rewards definitely outweigh the occasional disappointments. There is nothing like helping a client find the perfect Anytown home.

Chris Johnson
Real Estate Marketing Agency
123 North Main Street

Specializing in commercial and land real estate sales.