Sell Your Salt Lake City Home Fast You probably believe you can sell your home without an agent because you can easily market your property. Anyone can post an ad on a Provo home listings for sale website and display a sign in their yard. Even holding an open house for your Anytown property is a no-brainer, right?

I agree; much of the marketing that St. George real estate agents do can easily be done by someone who is not an agent. However, these steps are aimed at marketing to potential buyers.

What many owners don’t realize is that a seller’s agent does not only market your property to buyers, they market to other Salt Lake City real estate agents.

It is true that Anytown rental homes listings agents don’t always sell their own listings. In fact, in some housing markets, the sellers agent finds the buyer in only about ten percent of successful transactions. Does that mean they fail the majority of the time? Absolutely not. A successful sellers agent convinces other agents to sell your home.

At times it may appear that Ogden free home listings agents are cutthroat competitors, but actually we are a fairly close knit group and often work together. Most importantly, we communicate with each other about our Salt Lake City foreclosures and St. George short sales. When I market a particular listing to another agent, I am also exposing it to that agent’s pool of buyers.

I would be happy to tell you more about how I market properties to other agents. Call me anytime at 801.938.3466 for a low-stress conversation. You can also find more information at

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