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One of the biggest real estate trends in Utah is listings that include accessory units or tiny houses with the single dwelling home. People looking at MLS listings see the potential of these tiny buildings for bringing in extra cash or housing elderly parents.

5 Considerations in Purchasing Real Estate with an Accessory Unit:
1) Restrictions – Accessory units are not permitted in all Salt Lake City area neighborhoods, especially in new homes for sale. Older homes with larger lots for sale are perfect for adding these buildings; however, building regulations vary within each city. Issues may involve how far back the dwelling sits, the height, as well as the size of it. Other restrictions can include the purpose of the building, parking space, and a style that must match the main house.
2) Hidden Costs – Even though it may be small, it can become costly. Electrical, plumbing, and a sewer lines are costly. Building permits and inspections can add more expenses.
3) Neighbors – Accessory units are required to be built on the side or backyard of your real estate. In looking at Anytown homes for sale, think about privacy issues with neighbors that may cut down your options.
4) Parking – If a parent or tenant will be living in your accessory unit, your lot will need an area designated for their vehicle.
5) Maintenance – Just as your main home needs regular painting and roof repairs, maintenance will be required and, even more frequent, if used as a rental unit.

If you are interested in an accessory dwelling with your new home in Provo, St. George, or Ogden, I will help you evaluate the specific expenses and regulations to make it happen promptly. Call me at 801.938.3466 or come by my office at 123 North Main Street in Anytown.

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