Anytown For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner ‘ is a method of selling commercial real estate in the Anytown area. For Sale By Owner is referred to as a ‘FSBO’, verbally pronounced as ‘fizz-bow’. You may hear real estate agents or property owners use this term to describe commercial real estate properties that are placed on the market by a non-professional real estate marketer.

While there is nothing wrong with selling commercial real estate on your own, research statistics show that you are more likely to sell for more if you have a real estate agent on your side.

As a professional real estate marketer, I have access to marketing tools and resources that allow me to more effectively sell your Anytown commercial real estate property.

Among the benefits of using a real estate agent instead of ‘ For Sale By Owner ‘:

Sell for more; research indicates that a real estate agent can typically sell for anywhere from a few thousand to many thousands more.

Sell faster; the marketing tools and resources I have available to me as a real estate agent allow me to market your Anytown commercial real estate property more aggressively, reaching more qualified buyers in less time.

Sell with fewer problems; FSBO sales are often complicated when both the buyer and/or the seller are unfamiliar with the legal process of selling an Anytown commercial real estate property. There are many rules and regulations that I, as a real estate agent, am professionally familiar with. Sellers often report that selling an Anytown commercial real estate property was one of the most stressful experiences in their life. My qualifications can mitigate the complications and turn a stressful experience into a happy one.

So before you list your Anytown commercial real estate property as for sale by owner, consider getting a real estate agent involved.

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I concentrate on FSBO sales in the greater Salt Lake City area.

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