Anytown Buyers Need Their Own Agent

If you are a prospective home buyer in Anytown, you would be wise to hire your own agent. Anytown buyer’s agents represent your interests as the buyer. Contacting the Anytown real estate agent listed on a home puts you at a disadvantage because that agent represents the sellers’ interests and, by law, is required to tell them anything you say about the property. Also, if the listing agent shows you the Anytown property, they will probably expect to represent you.

To find a buyer’s agent in Anytown, interview agents and seek referrals from satisfied clients. Let each agent know you are in the interview stage and are trying to find one with whom you feel comfortable. But remember, never interview two agents from the same company. If you would like to talk to me about representing you in your purchase, call me at 801.938.3466. I would love to meet you and discuss your needs.

A buyer’s agent will be helpful in escorting you to open houses in Anytown. Attending open houses with your agent (or at least bringing his or her card to hand to the agent hosting the open house) avoids confusion and lets other agents know your interests are being represented. It is also helpful if you have any questions. Take your questions to your Anytown buyer’s agent and let he or she ask the listing agent about the sellers’ motivation, or anything else you want to know.

When you find an agent to represent you in your Salt Lake City real estate purchase, sign a buyer’s broker agreement. This creates a business relationship between you and your Utah buyer’s agent and will outline reasonable goals and time frames. Make sure you have a clause in the agreement that releases you from the contract if you become dissatisfied. If the agent refuses to include one, don’t sign it and find another agent.

If you are looking to buy commercial or land in Salt Lake City, call me today. My name is Chris Johnson, I have valuable experience representing sellers and buyers in the Anytown, Provo, and St. George areas.

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