Using a real estate agent to Sell Anytown Real Estate

Using a real estate agent to sell Anytown real estate provides many advantages over selling on your own. When you enter the ‘for sale by owner’ market in Anytown you are starting out at a significant disadvantage for a number of reason. Here are a few:

  • As a real estate agent I have access to a number of helpful tools that allow me to market your Anytown real estate more effectively. For instance, I have access to the Anytown MLS system, which allows me to list your home in an online database that searched by thousands of real estate agents every day. Local Anytown real estate agents who receive updates from the MLS system are automatically alerted to your new listing, and can help share the news with buyers. Buyers from outside of Utah are also made aware of your sale and can seek more information if they are interested in moving to the Anytown area.
  • When it comes time to negotiate, it really helps to have an experienced real estate agent on your side to help you navigate the offers, counter offers, and contracts. Admittedly, the process of selling a home in Anytown isn’t rocket science, but like all things, it can be an overwhelming process for people who don’t do it very often. It really helps to have a local Anytown advocate who can give you advice, explain current statistics, and warn you of common pitfalls.
  • Who to turn to, and what comes next when you have sold your Anytown real estate is the next big area that a real estate agent can help you with. I do this often, and have a good and trustworthy group of people to turn to for title work, financing, appraisals, and inspections. As an experienced real estate agent working in the Anytown area, I know who does the best work for each type of real estate property sale. Even better, I have established relationships with local Anytown professionals and can put a deal together in a seamless package that makes it easy for you. I am here to help, and have the local Anytown resources to make your Anytown real estate transaction as painless as it can be.

Ready to take advantage of Spring fever in Anytown? Give me a call and let’s list your Anytown real estate today!

-Chris Johnson, 801.938.3466