A Tough Anytown Real Estate Market? Despite reports to the contrary, the Salt Lake City real estate market is not dead. Anytown houses are selling and many factors point to Utah real estate market stabilization in the near future. I am Chris Johnson of Real Estate Marketing Agency in Anytown.

I am currently working with Anytown real estate clients who need to buy or sell. A large inventory of Provo homes and St. George condos is a benefit for buyers, while my clients needing to relocate or downsize are also finding success selling their Ogden properties. Bottom line? Economic ups and downs do not affect my ability or determination to assist you with your Salt Lake City home buying and selling.

Why am I qualified to help you sell your Anytown home? Here are just of few of the reasons.

  • I have the resources of a successful brokerage which gives me access to a large pool of ready buyers for your Anytown home or Ogden investment property.
  • I can help you effectively price your St. George home or Provo rental in the current Utah real estate market.
  • I have experience advertising and marketing different types of Anytown properties and know the best way to attract Utah home buyers in the 84123 area code.
  • I am a skilled real estate sales contract negotiator. Whether you are buying or selling, you don’t want to try to finalize sales terms on your own.
  • I can help you determine if a lease-option or owner-financing agreement can help you get the asking price for your Salt Lake City home.

Call Chris Johnson at 801.938.3466. I am still working hard to help Anytown real estate clients buy and sell.